Hopping Around with Guinea Pigs

Guinea PigsEveryone has their first official shoot, and here is the story to ours.

Perhaps the nicest thing about friends is that they are friends. Fresh guinea-pigs from the lab ready for the experiments of a lifetime. This was our first ever couple shoot, and what an adventure it was!

André and Reshelle became close friends with us since the start of 2015, and when it came to the big question “would you take our wedding photos?” I couldn’t help but jump up and down on the inside, and giggle way too much on the outside! Of course we needed a pre-wedding shoot (as is the norm these days) – hence the post. So we saddled up our gear and our trusty little ladder, and proceeded to the locations we had wished to take our photos at.

And there we came upon our first barrier: our location (which we HAD organised to do the shoot at) had been closed early regardless of our appointment. Whaaa! Can one pick a worse time! Nerves
all around, and now this! So what can you do? Break an entry, get arrested, take some pictures in a holding cell? Nah. So off we photographers and subjects go to find another spot to do our shoot. Luckily – we know a guy.
At our second (unplanned) location we were a little nervous at first: started with a “turn a little this way” and “look that way”, but things got more comfortable the more we joked around, and this turned out to release all possible butterflies that have been buzzing around in our tummies. Hey!, I thought, this is kind of fun! But not too long and time reminded us to move to our third (planned as second) location.

Never forget the trusty little ladderAnd what did we find? Another closed gate. Oh my! The butterflies are back. Lots and LOTS of butterflies.

Luckily my mind skips to the possible equally best thing, and we chase down to our FOURTH location. The sun was starting to set – we needed to move!

The open field was PERFECT. The pictures came out so nicely, and it was obvious to me after a while that I was the only one left with some captive butterflies in my abdomen. Breathe in – and release the butterflies, yes, even the stubborn one in the back.  Best feeling: the sun, the field, the light, the laughter, the fun, the spontaneity – it was all coming together. If I had to do this shoot again, I would definitely do it the same way. Even with all the stumbling blocks.

André and Reshelle you guys are the best guinea pigs friends could ask for.

Go check out their pics HERE.

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