André & Reshelle Smith’s Wedding


The wedding of André & Reshelle Smith was held at a fairytale location right next to the river in Douglas. The trees created a wonderful atmosphere to this event, and their creations provided much amusement to everyone there. This was a beautiful wedding, thank you for letting us be part of it!


DSC02598DSC02606DSC02651DSC02700 DSC02646DSC02699

DSC02677 DSC02673 DSC02578 DSC02576DSC02573treesIMG_7721DSC02711DSC02740DSC02757DSC02742DSC02750IMG_7838DSC02840IMG_7897DSC02949DSC02922
Crazy facesbridal party-1IMG_8060DSC03123DSC03070IMG_8105 DSC03051DSC03100

IMG_8344DSC03342 DSC03316DSC03294 DSC03257DSC02880 DSC02896 DSC02890DSC02878 DSC02876DSC03348DSC03424

If you missed their engagement shoot, go and have a peek!


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