Karoo Calf Testimony at Jagersberg Guest Farm

DSC02372It’s Sunday, and I thought I’d write a testimony of one of the many daily miracles I have witnessed in my lifetime. God is so good. I just have to say it again: God is so good.


one of the curious nguni's coming to have a sniff at the camera. Love moments like these!
one of the curious nguni’s coming to have a sniff at the camera. Love moments like these!

One of my favourite places to visit is with my oom en tannie on their magnificent Jagersberg farm in the isolated karoo, close to Van Wyksvlei and Carnavon – if you don’t have a clue where that is then my point was just made twice. If you ever need to truly just breakaway, which we need more often than we’d like to admit, go and visit their hospitable guest farm where electricity is something you don’t need and cellphone signal neither. One of the best breakaway and head clearing spaces in South Africa! Insomnia? go there. Restlessness? go there. Stress? go there. Need quiet time? go there. Just go there. Whatever peace you need to find, you’ll find it there. Go chat with the friendly nguni and sheep, and chill amongst them. It is only there that the quiet and the stillness can truly shout at you.

DSC02322DSC02325So we took our breakaway to Jagersberg Guest Farm during the month of April 2015. So apparently the new big popular thing is for things to be authentic. This is authentic times ten. This was us going for a nice breakfast in the veld. We made a fire (with wood we collected from surrounding area) for our 3 ingredient menu with yum yum boerewors – made by an actual boer – and a boeretroos koffie (coffee) with condensed milk – brewed by an actual boer – in “Die Kloof” (translated: the valley) all in shaded peace and whispering trees. Idyllic! And ultra- authentic!

Now, if you have ever been on a farm then you’d know that sometimes animal mommies abandon their babies. That’s just the way it is. At the main farmhouse they had a small calf, who unfortunately was left to survive on his own, and now found his home right next door to the chickens. But this calf refused to drink, and had to be forse-fed each day to be kept alive. (This is by no means a harmful procedure to the animal, its just like someone putting a sweet at the back of your teeth – you just have to suck it and swallow.)


Usually calfs don’t go back to drinking as they should after being introduced to this method, but what can you do, one couldn’t let the calf starve. Of course I was upset about this because besides this being surely a little but uncomfortable to the calf, this was not the way it was meant to be.  After uttering my dissatisfaction during the feeding session, my husband does what I love second best about him – he challenges me. “Change it,” he says, “if you don’t like it, do what you can to change it.”. So, besides praying I didn’t really see what else I could do, I mean hello!, I don’t speak cattle. So I did a short prayer for the little guy that he would drink again on his own in Jesus’ name, and we left back to the farmhouse to prepare dinner.

Let’s be honest? You expect God to do miracles in your life, and you want to trust Him to do so, but sometimes in the back of you head you’re ready for a chance of disappointment that might just show up. So the next morning after our morning stroll, it was time to feed the little guy. We took a confident step of faith and trusted in the good Lord and took the feeding bottle to the little guy. And it happened. He sniffed and immediately put his lips to the drinking bottle, and started sucking like mad. A beautiful moment of this little guy drinking on his own as if it had been his own mommy cow, and he’d never known otherwise. Afterwards he kept poking for even more. Miracles cannot be measured, and we should remember to trust Him in even the small things. He reminded me of that again. I couldn’t help smiling the rest of the day.

Can I just say it again? God is so good.

the miracle taking place right there. one of those wow moments. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” Prov 3:5

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