Jaco, Anel & Armand Steenberg Family Shoot


This was our first ever family shoot. I have gained much experience on working with children through professional occupation, but the thought of having to try capture them on film is not necessarily something that fell into the comfort-zone category. Either way, we gave it a go!

The Steenbergs made this such an easy task! Anel and Jaco came so well prepared with the props they wanted to use and these worked along so well, and Armand was eagerly ready for play so everything else came naturally. This is a beautiful and wonderful family and in a time of approximately 1 hour we had taken 941 photos – the camera loved them! To narrow down the photos had been such a difficult task, who can throw out a photo with these beautiful people on it!

PS. Don’t forget Teddy. This little guy was there all the time for moral support, so of course he had to get an individual picture on the swing too!

Thanks Steenberg’s – you were great and so enjoyable! Hope you love the photos as much as I do!

DSC05198DSC05327 DSC05405
DSC05350 DSC05357IMG_8678DSC05308 DSC05257
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