Crossfit Elpizo Derby Individuals 2015


Amongst the quickest growing sports in the world, Crossfit also found its place amongst many hearts in Kimberley. The annual Crossfit Elpizo Derby event of 2015 proved that the participants’ love and dedication of this sport is REAL.  

A very well organized event provided a space where everyone was comfortable and assured – a really good team of organisers and judges at the event.One of the wonders of the derby day was the weather played along beautifully: our usual scorchingly hot November weather was pushed aside with a cool, breezy morning.

To be honest, taking photos at Elpizo’s Crossfit events is one of the nicest things to photograph: no looking for pretty smiles or perfect angles – everything comes down to the right place at the right time, and loads of serious faces.

I hope you enjoy these few photos (of the official over 300+ photos that made it to my “I have to keep these” list) that perhaps displays only a small part of the amazing day at the derby.



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