Camping at Massingir Dam, Mozambique

IMG_8182About a year ago I came upon a list of the top 25 campsites in South Africa somewhere on Facebook. After finally rediscovering the list I have put it as a bucket-list. And in my life, tick lists are serious getting it done lists. Can you say : here we go!

Since childhood, one of my favourite outdoor events was camping. As with everyone in their teen fases you rebel against whatever is expected of you, and somehow I feel as if this was one of the things I missed out on during those “silly” years. But I’m ready to make up for it! After getting married to my dearest, André, we did a little camping here and a little camping there, and all of it became some of my nicest memories of bouncing around in the purely natural environments. I was hooked again. (Why did I ever stop camping??)

I looked for that list again -find the list, find the list (why didn’t facebook have a search option like that?) find the list, find the list. AHA! Found the list; and to my surprise almost all of the campsites we visited were on the list. You know that feeling when you start to do something and you just get it right so you just keep going and going – I’m like that with a to-do list. That’s why I love shopping 😛

BUT – this campsite was on a list somewhere (I can’t find where), and it has still been my ultimate favourite. Massingir Dam in Mozambique.


In 2012 we had the privilege of touring into Mozambique with my family. As has been with my family all the years we didn’t take the obvious route to Mozambique: we took an alternative one. We drove to Inhambane by driving to Cradle of Humankind, Swadini, Kruger National Park (up high where one rarely goes, where we stayed at Tzendze Camp and through the deserted Mozambique National Limpopo Park to one of the nicest spots I ever remember camping at. And the only one that I have ever seen someone charge you to go and find a lost tourist. IMG_8835

Now, the primary reason for loving this campsite is of course the view. But besides that, it was isolated and calm, and there was just nothing. No noise, no cars, no people (besides the ones we came with) and everything seemed so quiet.IMG_8837

The camp area was surrounded by bushes, and a barely-holding-it-up wooden railing that might attempt to stop you should you trip over the cliff. But the view and atmosphere was magnificent.


As the sun set the stars popped up one by one, brighter and brighter. There weren’t any lights, and only one of the showers at the ablution block actually had a light, so one had to literally find the ablutions – everything was just so dark. We had some wonderful time stargazing, and even had a visitor looking for a quick snack.


The next day we woke up to find a misty morning and the sad task of having to pack up. Below us two fish eagles called to each other on the banks of the dam.


Not wanting to miss a moment further of the view, I made sure to do everything I can whilst enjoying the outlook. If you ever get the chance, make sure you stay at Masingir Dam, even if it were for only one night. This is one of my favourite memories captured on camera: brushing teeth whilst enjoying a most memorable view that will certainly not be forgotten.


This campsite was unfortunately not on the list, but it definitely should be.

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