Camping at Tzendze, Kruger National Park


Whenever I think of a proper rustic campsite my head jumps back to this place. On our way to Mozambique this was our stop in Kruger before heading to Mozambique Limpopo (next stop Masingir Dam). And what a treasure this place was!

(and always fun having to drive through the Kruger – how can one NOT see wildlife whilst driving through the Kruger!)


The first thing about camping at any national park in South Africa – adhere to campsite gate times, and that includes being prepared that a herd of buffalos or elephants might slow down your journey ALOT. IMG_8760

On entryway you meet some serious signs – all of which I loved. Low-noise-impact-facility-333x500

Tzendze Rustic Campsites is just as it says: rustic. Now, if you’re like me and my family, we always head to the camp spots where the electricity poles are somewhat furtheraway and the 7de Laan tunes don’t ring from within the tents at the start of the evening. And at this camp, that spot is everywhere! No electricity – can I hear a “hooray!” – and only gas/solar energised communal kitchen and bathrooms.


These beautiful camp spots are hidden and shaded by the numerous Mopani trees and other sorts, and is only surrounded by fence line. Walking along the fence is an adventure of sorts and quite a longer path than one would think, so don’t forget your binoculars. The ablutions and facilities were truly clean, proper bins at each site, and we had the cleanest braai at a campsite EVER. You’ll also receive a friendly visit from your hosts, asking how the drive was, what you saw, or they’ll give a tip or two on what to see where – they were truly friendly and this site would most definitely not be the same without them. The campsites were nice and large, and not in your neighbours face – can I hear another “hooray!” – and although arranged with 34 campsites, it really only felt like 5.  I think the only time I actually interacted with a neighbour (meaning friendly smile and a howzit) was when getting some water from a nearby tap. Apparently, you can also reserve a specific campsite by calling the Mopani reception: bonus!

This is a most peaceful site, and the nocturnal animals are on full volume during the evenings. We loved this site so much so we changed our route back from Mozambique and luckily found a campsite open for the evening. Blessed!

If you’re visiting the Kruger, like camping on the quieter sites, live for the peace and quiet of nature, then you’ll LOVE Tzendze. Go there!


They have: Running water, hot water showers, clean ablutions, communal kitchen (with gas stoves), taps betweens campsites, some shady areas, and dirt (ground cover).

Make sure you take: everything else, but leave you’re genny and portable television at home.

Tzendze is listed on the Travelstart’s 25 Best South African Campsites – another tick on the list!

Book Tsendze Rustic Camp Site through SANParks.

Tel 012-428-9111 or

Once you have the booking you can phone Mopani reception, tel 013-735-6535/6, to request a specific site.

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