Camping at Motswedi, Mokala

Shortly after getting married, my husband and I were feeling all too adventurous for the winter season and had a go at camping in August in the Northern Cape. Please don’t repeat our mistakes. I remember us scraping off ice on our tent the next morning, and almost sitting IN the fire the previous evening. A summer camping visit, however, proves much more pleasant.

Mokala is our closest National Park being only an hour’s drive from home, and often visited for a picnic when family visits or when the weather is friendly. The picnic areas are clean, green in summer, and most have their own braai area. Yes, you should try it sometime.


There are only six sites and they are off-limits to visitors (a.k.a. non-campers), so say a relieved “ahhh” to low traffic. And possibly the best thing about the Motswedi campsite is that each site has its very own toilet and shower (both seperate – yes you heard me, they even have their own doors!), and a fridge, and own wash-up and even their own broom! (and sometimes small visitors)



Did you spot the wildlife in the picture above?

DSCF1272There is a water-hole close to the campsite, and you can view the game from the campsites. Many birds visit the area, so yay! for birders. The LBJ’s are here in overabundance. They also have a nice birding hide, and on the enclosed walkway we spotted a baby Nyala  check out how cute:


The Northern- Cape boasts with its beautiful sunsets, and its worth a sundowner at the campsite.IMG_8582


Mokala hosts a wonderful variety of antelopes, and even breeds often considered more rare are viewable, including rhino’s. And lots and lots of warthog families. Mokala is well worth a weekend visit, and from my side, it’s highly recommended.


They have: Running water, hot(-ish) water showers, clean and exclusive ablutions + refrigeration + gas kitchen + wash up to each site, some trees and ground cover.

Make sure you take: a hat and your usual camping gear. Sunscreen – it is the Northern Cape! Birding guide. Antelope guide – or some form of it (if you don’t know them by heart). Sufficient fuel to drive around. Money! They have a park restaurant 😀

They also have a small essentials shop at reception.

Motswedi at Mokala National Park is listed on the Travelstart’s 25 Best South African Campsites – another tick on the list!

Book a camp site through SANParks.

Tel 012-428-9111 or

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