Carli & Pieter Engagement Shoot

carli & pieter E1We had the wonderful opportunity to do a shoot outside of our hometown (yay!) and the botanical gardens in Pretoria proved to be the perfect spot for these two’s engagement shoot. Besides being good looking in general, these two were wonderful subjects and taking their pictures was a breeze. Thanks you two – you were great! Enjoy your photos!


Carli & Pieter E8

Carli & Pieter E9

Carli & Pieter E6

CArli & Pieter E5

Carli & Pieter E20

arli & Pieter E7


carli & pieter 2_

Carli & Pieter 4

Carli & Pieter 14jpg

Carli & Pieter E11

Carli & Pieter E18


Carli & Pieter E19

Carli & Pieter E17

Carli & Pieter E12

Carli & Pieter E15

Carli & Pieter E16

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Carli & Pieter E13

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Photos were taken at Pretoria National Botanical Gardens.

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