About Us

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With Love Photography is a collaboration of Corné and André Pretorius, both natural artists and photographers. I, Corné Pretorius, serve as main/primary photographer with the fortunate position of André Pretorius as secondary photographer and also carrier of all things that may seem too heavy. I, Corné, have been fond of cameras since childhood, and my dear father would always have to sacrifice his big DSLR to me on holidays and even during school terms so I could entertain my love towards photography. I started with my very own little aim and shoot camera when I was aged ten, and buying films was the number one purpose of my pocket-money. A zoom camera had been a high desire of mine, and at my 13th birthday the aim and shoot got the bin, and I got my very own film zoom camera. My world was changed FOREVER when digital era came to. That was the first time a hogged my father’s digital SLR camera (no more expensive film to go to wastage by accident) and used it as my own. Photos had always been a big thing in my childhood home, and everywhere you look you will find tens and hundreds of photo collections made throughout the years. It has always been a great inspiration, and my sister also runs her own photographic collective. It seems it is definitely in the gene pool to have a camera in hand.

Raised from Dust

John 4: 7, 12 Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.

So long ago the Lord had put it in my heart to do everything I do with love, and to live with love, and to live also with Love (our God). With a God-seeking heart, I seek to portray and capture love in it’s many forms. God is love, and love surrounds us everywhere we look. It is therefore at With Love Photography that we (my husband and I) attempt to capture things beauteous, glorious, magnificent, heart-warming, awesome, happy, lovely, and anything else worth wonder and especially that which is done with love.

Our Style

We love natural. The more natural light, natural smiles, natural body language we catch on camera the better. We aim toward spontaneous action, leaning towards a documentary style of photography. We believe that instead of portraying a set grin, to rather portray the story of love within our world. Trust us to capture the genuine portrayal of the beautiful love you display amongst each other.

Our Travel

We love to travel, and as a result I can never wait to tell someone about the wonderful things we had experienced, seen, heard and felt. With Love Photography also uses this blog space to document adventures and travels – we just love sharing! Enjoy it with us!