Yolandi & Schalk’s Engagement Shoot

Y & S -006

We just love it when people who belong together get together, stay together, happily together. Yolandi and Schalk, well known in our town for their pursuit in the fitness category, are such gentle, friendly souls and besides having decided that chicken is a vegetable, have made the best decision yet: to get married. Congratulations you two! Hope you enjoy your engagement shoot photos.

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Eben, Ruth, Benjamin, Schalk & Ruben’s Family Lifestyle Shoot

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Ruth called me with a very specific task after we chatted looong at a friend’s wedding (who’s photos you can go check out here). Her mission was to get photos of her family in their natural environment: their home. From sheeping to cricket to family-scrum to pillow-fighting to flapjacks to puddle-jumps, they just had such fun! Ruth and Eben, it was our privilege to capture your moments. May you enjoy them as much as we did!


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Magdaleen & Henco Maternity Shoot


Our photoshoot of one of the best, most beautiful persons I’ve had the honour of knowing the past 14 years and her husband (naturally). Amazing couple! It was our pleasure to take photos of Magdaleen & Henco the day before the birth of their daughter, Emma. A lifestyle shoot at their house: relaxed, all natural and ‘homey’ – just like them. Love you guys so much! Continue reading “Magdaleen & Henco Maternity Shoot”

Carli & Pieter’s Wedding

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it – and this whole family certainly did. Throughout this wedding you could sense the family’s pride and joy for the union of high school sweet-hearts, Carli and Pieter. It was so nice to witness the unending smiles and laughter. What a privilege to be at this event with this beautiful family. Enjoy our documentation of this wonderful event!cover-picture

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